Sibling Harmony

Do you have children who are already in the middle of rivalry?  There will be conflict within families. Families are made up of multiple personalities, emotional needs, developmental stages, physical needs.  There is bound to be some conflict.  The question is what do we do with it?  How do we handle it?  There is a […]

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The Gift of Perseverance

  Have you found yourself wondering why in the world your child must be so strong-willed? Imagine your crawler, repeatedly moving toward the electrical outlet for the fifteenth time this morning.  Or perhaps your toddler is determined to scale everything in the house, the bookshelf, the piano, the kitchen table.  Your preschooler can’t let go […]

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The Joys of Infant Massage

I became certified in Infant Massage several months ago.  Since that time I have been privileged to teach several classes and a couple of families privately.  Each time has been a delightful experience as I watch both parent and infant bond, parents develop confidence in reading their baby’s cues and they learn more about each […]

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Nurturing the Love of Reading!

  I have such fond memories of reading with our kids.  Of finding them with a pile of books surrounding them on the floor as they explored them independently.  Of my son rolling around on the floor as he listened to a book, my belief that he was not listening to this book, and the […]

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Tired of Yelling in Your Home?

  We have all experienced times when life feels out of control, when our children just don’t seem to hear us, when we feel as though our requests are falling on deaf ears.  What do we resort to when in that place and we simply do not know what to do next?  Often it is […]

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